What it’s like to be an apprentice? A year in the life of an apprentice

Are you looking for an apprenticeship? Or still undecided? In this video we followed two apprentices’ for the whole year, we saw how they changed throughout each term and how their ambitions changed. This video shows you what it’s like being an apprentice, working and studying full time.

Rugby Academy at West Suffolk College

If you’re thinking about taking the sports and exercise route, Rugby in particular is a great choice check out our video below on why our students love it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFqpzwFPB8U&feature=youtu.be

Video: Change of Heart

Listen to Lottie’s story below on why she decided to become a Science apprentice at Treatt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvh2Y1x1xoI&t=3s

I didn’t have the grades to go to university: how you can become a nurse?

How taking the Access to nursing course changed Jo’s life: If you don’t have the grades for university this course gets you there within a year and even though it’s called Access to Nursing, you can study any subject after this course at university not just nursing. Like Jo here who is working towards becoming […]

Why become a science apprentice?

If you’re wondering what the best route for you is, Lottie and Saffron explain why they chose the route of a science apprentice. Lottie originally chose the A Level route but realised it wasn’t for her, whether you’re deciding on an apprenticeship, a levels or university we can help.