The lack of women in STEM

In this episode we are talking to Amy Barr (an Engineering lecturer) and Victoria Fiebelkorn (a Chemist) who talk about their experience in the STEM industry, how they’ve noticed a lack of women and that the few other women there are – seem to stall in progressing within their careers early on compared to their […]

Studying at university later in life as a mature student

In this episode we talk to three different mature students who all studied Degree Studies at West Suffolk College. These current and past students tell us about their experience deciding to come back to education later in life and their experiences studying at different universities. 

Not going to uni, apprenticeships and social life

In this episode we talk to two apprentices; Kayleigh Elmer and Rebecca Fulton about their experiences as apprentices, why they decided against university, the myths around apprenticeships and the benefits of both university and apprenticeships. 

Body image, fast fashion and masculinity

In this episode we explore topics linked with the fashion industry from £12.5 billion clothes ending up in landfill in the UK alone to Instagram influencers promoting toxic products, the idea of the “perfect body” and the need for more gender neutral clothes.