A Love Letter to The Access Course

Love for the Access Course

I just wanted to say thank you for all your support over the last 10 months. Your support has been a real blessing to me and I really do appreciate it, without your constant support and guidance I doubt I would have completed the course.

You made learning fun informative and easy to digest and if I could do another access course with you again I would, I will be recommending this course to others and mainly that’s down to you as a kind considerate supporting teacher. Not only did I enjoy the course and learnt so much from it I also learnt to love education again and I have to thank you and the other access teachers for that.

If I get the chance to go to Uni again Bury will be my first choice purely as the rapport is so good between students and teachers and I always felt at home in college. I would happily be an ambassador for access in WSC as the overall experience is one I would happily do again, lol!

 I was also considering looking for any possible jobs at WSC I’ve fell in love with the place so much.

Sorry for the overly soppy message but I see how hard you work for all the students and I don’t want you to think that goes unnoticed, once again thank you Stuart ( one of our Access tecahers), you’re a blessing to WSC.

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