Studying Music Production at University

Within my time studying music production (BA Hons) I’ve enjoyed learning new skills such as recording techniques and music production that I didn’t know about before – having come from a more creative
and performance-based background.

I’ve had the opportunity to go to some amazing concerts as part of the course. I’ve been part of a team recording the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London three times, and recently got to shadow live
sound engineer, Davide Lombardi, at an Ed Sheeran concert! I also got to record and produce an EP for local artist, Sam Thurlow, as part of a project which was a really fun experience.

I’m now a gigging musician playing in an acoustic duo called ‘Dusky Sunday’ along with a few other local bands. I also sing and play guitar as a session musician for both recorded material and live performances.

Over the summer I began doing some work with local independent record label ‘GingerDog Records’ who I still do work for when they need an extra pair of hands!

Apart from teaching me things I can use to help with my own music such as recording, production, and live sound engineering, it’s also made me more aware of things like sound effects in films and video games and the work that goes into creating them!

I’d definitely recommend the course to anyone who’s interested in having a career in the music industry.

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